Professional Volleyball today!

The last few weeks, I’ve seen an ad for the Geneva Volleyball league with a schedule of games. This weekend, there are two games, one on Saturday at 17.30 and one on Sunday at 14.30. If you’re interested in going, let me know.



Training on Wednesday

Hi guys,

We have training on Wednesday, as usual, from 20h00 to 22h00. Since there is no one in the gym before us, it would be great to get there even 5-10 minutes early to get warmed-up, get the equipment mounted, etc. The earlier we’re there, the earlier we can practice, and the more we can work on things like pancakes, quick sets, rotations, receptions, jump serves, three-meter attacks, and so on.

Hope to see you earlier, rather than later.

Oh, and in case you haven’t done it yet, indicate your attendance on Doodle (link on the right side).

“Just do it!”

Meyrin at ILO, 29.09.2010

Match Report

Yes, it was a great match with fantastic contributions from all.

The gory details……

We won the first set 25:19. We had been losing the set 13:10 early on but were able to turn it around and pull out the win. First set/first match jitters I guess.

Second set started pretty similar, but this time we ended up losing 16:25. Very disheartening. I don’t know about others on our team, but I found it very hard to deal with the other team’s style of play. They rarely actually used three hits, instead shooting the ball over on first or second hit into the deep corners. I know it’s ‘intelligent’ to play that way, but it’s not beautiful volleyball.

Third set had the same result, 18:25, but somehow until the final point, I didn’t feel like we were out of it as much. We only scored two points more than the previous set, but nevertheless I felt more positive and hopeful that we’d be able to pull out the win in the third set. Shows you what I know…..

Fourth set. Win or go home. I would hate to lose our first match of the season, on our home court, in such a fashion. And it seemed that everyone else felt the same way, too, because everyone contributed with big plays: either fantastic blocking, great back-line digs, awesome 1-2 sets and hits. But, mostly it seemed that we had taken away their “set to the back corner” option and we played a very flowing type of game. We adjusted mid-point if people were out of position or covered the block or whatever. Instead of pointing fingers or watching the ball drop, people just made sure the ball Didn’t. Hit. The. Ground. (Johanna had an AWESOME pancake to save a very important point – will you teach me that?!?) We won 25:19.

Fifth and deciding set. Game to 15. We struggled with fifth sets last year because the other team would jump ahead by 3 or 4 points and then we’d get nervous or anxious or whatever and we’d get out of “our” game. This time, we were the ones to jump ahead (8-4 at the break to switch sides) and held on to win 15:7.

A 3-2 match victory. Not our best match, but definitely a great match to build on, to take strength from and to recognize what works, what needs help, and so on.

It should be a great season.

And there is no reason we can’t end up on top when the season comes to a close. 🙂

See y’all at training next week.

(Players: Alberto, Alison, Anke, Cicely, David, Erik, Johanna, Karen, Ron, Worakan. Supporters: Babou, Giammi)

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